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My writer profile where all my articles are stored: 




Settle Stories:


"What Makes Historical Fiction so Popular" blog post: http://settlestories.org.uk/node/948

"How Reading Can Tackle Your January Blues" blog post: http://settlestories.org.uk/node/944

"5 Facts You May Not Know About Christmas" blog post: http://settlestories.org.uk/node/904

Emily Knight, Artist Interview: http://settlestories.org.uk/node/816

Cassandra Wye, Artist Interview: http://settlestories.org.uk/node/656



Slate & Rose:


Link to the blog page on the website, where all blog posts before March 2018 are written and produced by me:


US Presidents.net

Barak Obama biography: https://uspresidents.net/barack-obama/

Ronald Reagan biography: https://uspresidents.net/ronald-reagan/

Lyndon B. Johnson biography: https://uspresidents.net/lyndon-johnson/