2019 Charlotte Furness

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Select Specs

Select Specs is an online eyewear company who sell a wide range of glasses and sunglasses from the affordable to high end designers. I write articles on fashion and lifestyle for their online magazine. Recent articles have included, 'The Glasses that Powerful Women Wear', 'Eco-Friendly Sunglasses' and 'Three Beauty Benefits of Staying Hydrated' as well as many more. 

This link will take you to my landing page where you can access all my recent articles.


Settle Stories


Settle Stories is an Arts and Heritage Charity based in the the market town of Settle in the Yorkshire Dales. Established in 2010 their mission is to change your world through story.


I am currently writing blog posts about upcoming events, artists interviews, and general pieces about the project.

Slate & Rose


Slate & Rose is an online homeware company who sell lovely, contemporary home furnishings at affordable prices. I worked for the company on a 6-month establishment contract. I set them up with all of their digital marketing streams, email communications networks and then once they were up and running, I handed them back over to the team so they could manage it in house. 

Laurence PM Portraits

For Laurence, I expanded and wrote copy for her website. Laurence wanted the copy to convey the individuality of portraiture photography, to emphasise the importance of taking time to celebrate yourself, your relationships, and to invest in portraiture which is high quality, long-lasting and can be passed on to family members.