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Through writing my first book, I have had a number of opportunities to talk about my research, about women in the sphere of the country house, and about women's history in general. We are at a very interesting and pivotal moment in time where gender equality and women's stories are finally being heard and taken seriously, and I firmly believe that in this new world we are forging for ourselves, it is important to rediscover the stories of women who were unable to have a voice in the past. 

I am pretty happy to talk about any area of women's history and country house history, but some talks which I already have prepared include: 

  • Lady of the House: a closer look at Mary Close, Harriet Cavendish and Elizabeth Howard

  • Researching women's history - the challenges and the incredible finds

  • Country Houses: Changing the Gender Stereotypes

  • What is the future for the UK's Country Houses?

  • A Single Success: a look at the women of my second book including Anne Lister of Shibden Hall

Alternatively, I can talk about a topic that you choose, however this may come with some research time attached, depending on the topic chosen.

I have conducted talks at conferences, book signings, libraries, and other groups. If you run a group or you have an event that coming up and you would like me to speak, please just get in touch via my Contact page. 


Writing for magazines, online blogs and newspapers is how I got

started on my freelance journey, and as such I have developed a

signature style of writing. I enjoy writing accessible, interesting

pieces, whilst retaining an objective view of the topic.


I have written a number of historical essays for a US Presidents website,

exploring the childhood, education, families, and political careers of

American Presidents throughout history. 

If you have a title or topic in mind, or would like me to write something

for your publication, either online or in print, send me an email via my

Contact page and we can have a chat about it!