2019 Charlotte Furness

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​What I can do for you:


Hi, I'm Charlotte. I am a full-time author, copywriter, digital marketing consultant and web designer. 

I wear two hats ....


The first, is that of a historian and heritage boffin, writing books about women's history, the country house, and basically anything else that piques my interest. 

The second hat is that of a digital marketing consultant, copywriting for online blogs, articles and companies; building websites for small to medium sized businesses; social media build and management, and other areas of digital marketing.


My experience is broad and varied; I have worked in heritage, in the arts, in the not for profit/charitable sector, and in retail, all of which helped me to develop a fantastic repertoire of marketing, branding, writing, and communication skills. 

Have a browse through the different sections of my site for further details about the type of work I do, and if you want to meet for a coffee to discuss a project, just get in touch using my Contact page.