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Pendle Writing Event

featuring work by participants

At the end of June 2022, I delivered two writing and wellbeing public walks in Pendle, Lancashire. These were free of charge to the general public and were funded in partnership with local organisation Super Slow Way. 

The events were a couple of hours long and included a provocation about the history of the area, a quiet meditative wellbeing exercise, all followed by time to write in a beautiful location on the side of the Leeds to Liverpool canal. 

Some of the attendees have written beautiful pieces either at the time or afterwards which are featured below. I hope you enjoy reading their work. 

Lucy Pekr

Lucy identifies as a witch and feels deeply connected to nature, which she aims to explore in her writing. She said,

"I found the provocation that Charlotte delivered captivating and I would be keen to explore responding to a context in this way again. The event connected me with my paternal ancestry despite them originating from the West Midlands, as most of them were coal miners and it was my Grandad who learned to swim in the canal"

Lucy has written a beautiful poem called 'Do you think they knew'?:

lucy pekr.jpg

Andrew Nicholas

Andrew is a Pendle-based creative. He uses photos and free written verse to talk about wanderlust, abandonment, and fading memories. He said,

"I loved Charlotte's event because it made me fully take in all that was around me. To be present in that moment. To experience each individual sight and sound both close by and distant. With her help the cascading locks turned into a roaring weaving shed. I also loved her performance pieces which detailed local history. How the canal and the movement of people have shaped us.


I'd recommend her events to anyone looking for inspiration or who wants to connect with the landscape"

Andrew has written a beautiful poem called 'The Loom':

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