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2024 Diray Cover.png

2024 Freelancer Diary!

The 2024 Freelancer Diary is here!

We're super excited to share the cover art for our 2024 freelancer diary, inspired by the wild and windy moors of Brontë country (Haworth). You may know that Charlotte, founder of Leviart, is a published writer and book lover. Leviart was also founded in Yorkshire and has strong ties to the region so it felt like a homage to the beautiful landscape. 

We hope you'll love your diary and as a small business we're always changing the style and approach so if you buy now you can be part of the development of the diary going forward! 

Price £21.50 (+ postage)

Background on the Freelancer Diary & how it came into being...


The Freelancer Diary is created by me, Charlotte Furness. I've been a full-time freelancer since 2016 and in that time I've used a LOT of diaries. 

Whilst I'm a mid-millennial, I still love to write things down, and a physical diary is my secret weapon. 

Struggling to find a diary that suited all my freelance needs, I created my own for 2023 - a prototype that I gave to friends and freelancers I knew.​ Here's what they said:

"I love the monthly reflection & the planner for the month ahead."

"the clients/jobs list & priorities section helped me to include life as well as work commitments so I could find balance"

"the layout is perfect, I like the amount of space for each section"

When asked if they would buy another one in 2024 there was an unanimous response - YES!​

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